Zenith vintage tube and solid state radios from the 1940's through the 1970's have unique artistic design, performance and legendary tone; making them very desirable collectibles. We have the know-how to restore these quality USA-manufactured classic radios.


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Gibson amplifiers were an accessory item for the ES and EH series guitars. Epiphone-Electar became part of the company in the mid 1950's. The last amplifiers were built for Gibson around 1966.





This Gibson BR9 has early 1950's looks, bottom mounted chasis and electronics are dated even for the 50's, also it has a field-coil magnet Jensen speaker.




  This rare 1940's EH125 Gibson has bags of gain, and has very mellow tone. Several capacitors were leaky, causing distortion after warm-up. Power supply filters were changed before it came to DCSV. It has a 12" field coil magnet speaker-typical of early Gibsons.



 GibsonEH125frontweb.jpgfrom the big band era...........



 The gray capacitors replaced the mult-section single electrolytic capacitor. To my knowledge, no company has reproduced multi-section axial capacitors at adequate voltage ratings, as is the case for Mallory can-types.




New capacitors corrected the distortion problems.












Original tubes are in this unit, as they are still good. 

The second from the left is a replacement. The Hytron branded tube was refitted when completed. 

Today's replacement tubes just don't look or perform as well in this classic.






Original purchaser's name and address,

the number on the speaker is written here.








The current owner plans to use this EH125 for studio recording, so you may be able hear this one's unique musical personality.....






 The early sixties brought inovation at Gibson.  The Maestro was one of the first amps to have reverberation built in. Another favorite in the studio, as it overdrives quickly, and has wicked reverberation, one of the wetest reverbs around. 

















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